The Blog

I originally started this blog to help with my writing skills and practice different languages. At the moment the blog is small and very one-sided, but I hope to help it grow in the many years to come. I strive in helping others in my posts with correctly written, easy to read, and relatable content. If I am able to write easy to read walkthrough’s, summaries, etc. I know that the blog has served it’s purpose.

Topics of this blog may change from time to time, but I will always keep it accessible and ad-free. I have many future idea’s in store for this blog so make sure to check often. Also if there is something you want to see on this site, you can always send me a message or email with your awesome ideas. If you’re unsure on how to find something, the search function at the top right is the best option to find what you’re looking for.

I always appreciate the help from my readers, if it’s sending me that missing game image, correcting the walkthrough answers, or just giving me a word of encouragement. I always love to hear from everyone, so never hesitate to write me a note somewhere. Love you guys!



Ambrosia ‘Sadpandamonium’

I am Ambrosia and I run ‘Word Nerd Memoir’.  My name is often shortened to Sad Panda, Panda, or Ami, but any name works fine so long as it makes sense. You can easily contact me at Sadpandamonium@yahoo.com. I try to reply back to any question, comment, or concern.

I am 27 years old, a born and bred Georgia peach living in Florida. I am a Regional Manager at a furniture store chain and a leading Manager at a salon and spa. I have been building websites and graphics up close to 15 years. I am fluent in Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, and currently learning Japanese. My hobbies include french horn and piano, any anime with a sense of humor, and Asian drama’s that make you cry and yell out to the screen. Lastly, my small guilty pleasure is drama CD’s.

Your support is appreciated and I want to thank you for spending your time here on my site.